ONS National Well-being Consultation Response Published

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), Measuring National Well-being Programme has published
three releases (see links below).

Initial findings from the consultation on proposed domains and measures of
national well-being


Analysis of experimental subjective well-being data from the Annual Population Survey, April to September 2011


Our Relationships Article


National well-being is far broader than just being happy. National well-being includes not only the quality of our lives, of which happiness is a part, but also the country's economic performance and environmental
and sustainability issues.

ONS has published a range of work in the last year to contribute to this, including the publication of the environmental accounts, analyses of household economic well-being and estimates of human capital.  Measures of well-being will complement well established economic measures such as GDP by providing a more complete picture of how society is progressing.

If you would like further information or would like to comment on any of the releases, please email nationalwell-being@ons.gsi.gov.uk

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